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Design Engineer

Infinity Engineering Group Ltd. was given responsibility for the redesign of the Deh Cho Bridge when the original design was found to have components that did not meet Bridge Code standards. The redesign of the superstructure took six months and was completed in January, 2010. The company is now the Engineer of Record for the Deh Cho Bridge superstructure and abutments.


The Design Team has been led by Dr. Matthias Schueller P.Eng and Prabhjeet Raj Singh P.Eng P.E. The Team focused on creating a robust, durable design with lower long-term maintenance costs over the 75 year design life of the bridge.


Innovative Design Features:

Lightweight truss: The principles of lightweight design led to a saving of 25% in the use of structural steel.
State of the art deck system: The new deck designed as a four-way slab, cut the concrete mass by 30% and eliminated the need for pre-stressing.
Longest joint-less bridge in North America: The articulation scheme allows a continuous deck for the entire length of the superstructure, which eliminated the need for two modular deck joints on the 1045 m long bridge.
Lock Up Devices: The articulation scheme involves the use of modern lock-up devices, which act like shock absorbers to allow slow acting movements while restraining sudden force effects.
Compact Locked Coil Cables: Cables are slender with compact anchorage details. The locations of the cable anchorages were selected for improved structural and aesthetic behaviour. The simplified anchorages can be easily inspected and maintained.
Constructability: Design of the bridge incorporates a proven construction scheme that includes the launching of the approach trusses, a one step stressing procedure for the cables and barge erection for the main-span segment.
Low life cycle cost: The design pays special attention to long term durability, corrosion protection and provides easy access for inspection and maintenance with the ultimate goal of keeping the life cycle cost of the bridge to a minimum.

Services Provided:
Design Services:

   i) Detailed design of the superstructure, abutments and retrofit design of the piers,

   ii) Preparation of Technical Specifications and;

   iii) Assistance in preparation of Contract Documents.

   iv) Development of Health Monitoring Plan.


Construction Phase Services:

   i) Review of shop drawings, erection design, supplier products and construction methodologies.

   ii) Addressing site queries, shop and site non-conformances and quality issues.

   iii) Onsite quality assurance as the Engineer of Record.


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